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A priest and former slave, set free by his god through death… and reborn.

A desert rider, abandoned by his clan and cursed with an unquenchable bloodlust.

A heroic stranger, shipwrecked in a strange land, along with the prey she hunted.

An odd creature, eternally bonded to a family that no longer exists.

A man who once commanded genies, but lost that right, along with several years of his life.

When the threads of destiny bond this bizarre group together, they will confront a force that threatens to tear the Land of Fate apart from within. But is all as it seems, or will the heroes drawn by fate cause the conflict they’re trying to avoid?

The Ties That Bind is a Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons game set in the Second Edition sub-setting of Al-Quadim, a region of the Forgotten Realms based upon Arabian fantasy. Audio recordings of the sessions will (hopefully) be available soon.

Home Page

Al-Quadim: The Ties That Bind Kinahto